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Course Correction

Episode Transcript. Length - 44:03

The Great Highway along Ocean Beach. Image - Fiona Lee, sfgate...

Magnetofunky No. 197. It's Monday, December 27th, 2021.

[intro theme]

Yeah. Larry here.

We've all had a second Covid Xmas that still feels like total lockdown with all the anti-vaxxers keeping the pandemic going. Even so, most of us are moving forward to the new year full of the highs and lows we know are already baked in. Anyway, my moving forward involves making a course correction with the podcast to match my going walkabout, among other reasons.

The music is another fresh mix of new tunes submitted and curated, as we countdown the calendar, and 2022 looms like an asteroid entering orbit...

[song] - 01:25

Ok, that was Lady Brett Ashley - Ladybread, an indie rock quintet from New York City, from their previous, eponomously named album. The band evokes the sensibilities of bands like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phish. Cool, and look for theirnew album in March...

This is a laid back (and often explicit - you bet your ass) underground international personal journal of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on mobile energy independence and creative West Coast wanderlust. My podpage is The Twitter is @Magnetofunky, and while I have a FB account up, the page is /larry.winfield.967.

[Grid Theory] - 06:13

The New Format

In Grid Theory,

For the last time, because I'm changing the show, here's the elevator pitch:

My focus on energy independence began with a need for a backup battery power system for people who live in an SRO where generators and solar panels are impracticle, and will never afford a Tesla Powerwall, something to keep small appliances like a little dorm fridge going three days into a blackout. I first looked at devices like the Bedini Motor, and even built my own to test its overunity properties, and discovered that it does work, but it's not a perpetual power system, it's a lead-acid battery rejuvenator - something you can buy...

I then discovered an earlier invention that in many ways inspired the overunity concept - a battery switching system developed and patented over 100 years ago by Carlos F Benitez, a civil engineer in Guadalajara MX. I modified his 1918 patent using conventionally available parts and equipment and made a 100W 12V battery-operated self-charging phantom solar power plant that splits the positive and runs two separate loads, a power loop using a 2A boost-buck converter (imitation 20w solar panel) through a 10A solar charge controller to the charging battery, and an open circuit output to an 8A boost-buck converter (imitation 100W solar panel) to a 12V outlet and 150W power inverter.

The system runs small AC appliances like my laptop and a dremel while one battery charges the other. A switch flips the batteries between run and charging states. It's not a Benitez system copy, it's not constant power and it's not overunity, though it does extend the time I can use my 12V batteries before they need recharging, and it produces a Coefficient of Performance consistently over 1.1 up to 3. It can theoretically be scaled up to a 1000W emergency grid-tied power backup system.

I converted the power plant into a mobile off grid system for bike touring with a 60W solar panel, and because I'm tired of spending a big chunk of my SS on rent (and having increasing earthquake nightmares), I'm going nomad on my bike. The very nature of the show is changing as well to mobile grid adventures, bikepacking, camping, mobile sculpture and seeing the West Coast up close. Yeah, scares the hell outta me, but I'm doing it...

So, with the focus of the show moving away from diy energy electronics in an SRO to living on a bike, the major changes begin with the title...

The modified name is Magnetofunky: Walkabout. I'm making the change with the next episode for the new year, and because the show's focus has been bike related for months, and even though I'm not on the road yet, there's no point delaying the transition.

Anyway, I'm keeping the music format of lead-off, short middle set and close out tunes, and dumping Geeknotes because it's frankly redundant. I give my two cents at closing, that's enough; any additional opinions I can thrown on Twitter.

The two grid segments will be replaced with the Itinerary (places I wanna visit, seeing the city as a nomad, etc.), and the Log (my reality of bikepacking; bike nomad philosophy; stealth adventures; my own green book notes of spots to recommend or avoid, talking about my gear, etc.)

I'm letting go of the music bed, but might still feature shorter ambient pieces that could complement video clips or a photo montage that I'll post on YouTube or Instagram. I'm not gonna do a beat for beat video podcast or I'd be doing it now; this is a simple non-profit personal journal/podzine, nuff said.

Anyway, the transition starts next year on this feed. Eventually I'll give the new show its own feed and links to the various podcatchers and social media footprints that won't let me continue with the new cosmetic look----[bell]

Ok, cargo trailer stuff coming in a bit...

[Back To The Stage] - 11:56

Ok, Back to The Stage, continuing with a short set of cinematic and somewhat wonky hip hop tunes you could dance to if you have to have an isolated New Year's party...

Anyway, first up we have Argon - Andu Simion, from the from 2012 album Buzz.RO! 2011, covering the Romanian electronic scene in 2011, followed up with Ronin, an electronic neuro trip hop Lo-fi beat inspired by the aesthetics and culture of medieval japan, from EXETEXE, a Moscow outfit. This number was released August 17, and both bands were found at FMA...

Last tune was sent in by Metropolis Records - Ragemaker, the title cut from the forthcoming album by tribal Industrial Canadian band iVardensphere, weaving electronics with haunting vocals, textured orchestral crescendos & percussive rhythms. Look for the album to drop on Feb. 4th...

[songs] - 13:16; 19:49; 24:20

["Geeknotes"] - 30:12

Geeknotes: World War³

Hey, Geeknotes!

Ok, this is the last edition of this segment, where I mostly focused ire at the the former friggin guy's four years of shithole rule and the anti-social corporate media that turned authoritarian atrocities into soap opera hijinks, that largely wears the accusation of 'liberal media' as a fig leaf to push the usual right wing narratives (like 'Dems in disarray' and 'progressives are the real threat to the country, not fascists'). It started out angry funny, but I stopped laughing long before the pandemic was allowed to spread as a political tactic, the latest offensive in the multifaceted conflict I call World War³.

The war has many front lines and no safe zones. It's a combination of the new Cold War with China (the country Wall Street is so heavily invested in, the country that holds so many IOUs), the Civil War that never ended, the neo-colonial campaigns against Cuba, Haiti and too much of Central and South America, the war against labor, the war against honest history, the class war the rich have been winning since Reagan, and with climate chaos, the war against the future poor who can't afford space on an Elysium space station (and you know some rich asshole is drawing blueprints).

With the latest wave of Covid that we know of sweeping the globe like wildfire, as Africa is denied the stockpiles of vaccine as a form of biowar population control, it's just another front. It's too much for snappy comebacks, especially considering that the godamn treason weasels could reclaim (more like re-steal) power, starting next year. Enough.

I'm gonna be busy on the road, looking for places to stealth camp or safely boondock where I can work on a stone, take a few photos, gather my thoughts, while trying to avoid earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, Nazis on wheels, and the occasional black bear or mountain lion if I ever hit the backwoods.

Ok, no asking for pluggers, no more calendar dates, unless it's to an event bike nomad related. Transfer complete...

[Grid Practice] - 33:36

Cargo Set

Ok, In Grid Practice,

Which is closer to a log entry talking about the cargo setup...

So, five days after the delivery date, the roller duffel arrived. After unboxing I checked the material, which feels thin, so it probably won't take rough handling or being stuffed with heavy items, so no bulky items more than 15" wide. I'm guessing the duffel can take a max of 40-50 lbs., but my gear won't be more than 20...

Anyway, I put the travel mode items in it - camp table and chair, studio bag, and the short three-part tent pole - and bungeed it to the storage container. Nice snug fit with two cords, but a third lengthwise would be better. I left out the big 38" tent pole cause I don't have a cap for the pin yet...

Next the acid test - I added the tarp tent bags, handlebar harness, and tried to stuff the trunk bag with panniers full of dummy loads in the bottom, but it only fit in the top with the extra 1 liter bottle removed and stashed separately. After I zipped it up, there was still enough room to fit the folded solar panel. It wasn't overstuffed and didn't feel like more than 20 lbs, so it won't crush the roller wheels.

The bungees held the full bag tight, but I can see needing extras once they stretch out, but other than that, I think that covers the cargo. The next item to deal with is the bottom shelf - how to protect the batteries from the weather and theft...

And BTW, just before Xmas, the vintage analog oscilloscope was sold to a guy who was stoked to get it to use with his musicsl instruments. Cool...

[One More Tune] - 36:14

Ok, for this week's One More Tune, we close out with a holiday gift from New York Singer/songwriter Elise Morris - Silently, a love song with lush harmonic color in the style of the American Songbook tradition and another musical sojourn in the land of Elise Morris' self-titled genre #jazzbo. Nice...

[song] - 36:44

[Music Bed] - 40:52

The music bed is Forever Cascades, the title cut and the latest Projekt Records project by SF Bay area Composer and recording artist Forrest Fang, a series of intricately-layered sonic vignettes and impressionistic soundscapes inspired by shoreline walks over the last year.

Well, OK.

[Closing] - 41:45

Hey, this show is a 1223studios joint.

I'm on almost all the popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcast Connect. Show notes are on the podpage. Send email to

If you like the show, tell your friends, and,

One more point on the issue of the modern day slave patrols known as the local police (and honestly any white adult with a bug up their ass about the nearest person of color minding their own business) - as far as 'defund the police,' which hasn't been implemented anywhere but police unions have used to extort extra funding from plenty of municipal budgets, when you consider how much funding non-white communities have given up for services not rendered, one could imagine a form of reparations in the guise of a tax rebate, a targeted stimulus to members of impacted communities. And to the usual bigoted complaints, remember that reparations have been paid to the investors of slavery, the owners of slaves, and the 122 year-$30B penalty Haiti paid to France for the crime of freeing itself, only to have the US take up the job of keeping a knee on its neck. In many ways it's all about the funding, and one more potential step in the right direction...

Show themes "Rocket Power" & "Spy Glass" by NY musician and composer Kevin MacLeod. Some additional audio from

Next episode will be on Jan. 10th, a soft premiere of the new show...

I'm Larry, trying hard to stay chill at my garrett in the Mission, and this has been Magnetofunky, from San Francisco, where we are still slogging through, but no longer into, the darkness. For now.

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